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The Ancestors of James Bernard McCabe

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Ancestors of Theodora McIlhargey

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Descendants of McCabe-McIlhargey






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Michael and Mary McCabe



















































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Jane Muldoon and Michael McCabe



























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The 74th Regiment of Foot, or "Argyll Highlanders"


According to The Book of Irish Names (and other sources), Ronan Coghlan, 1989, Sterling Pub. Co, Inc:
The McCabes/MacCabes were descended from Scottish mercenaries, or gallowglasses, from Inis Gall (the Isles of the Norsemen) in the Hebrides. Some sources say they were a branch of the MacLeods of Harris in the Hebrides. In Ireland they served the O'Reillys and the O'Rourkes, rulers of the Kingdom of Breffney, in present day Leitrim (some sources also say Longford) and Cavan. It is thought that the name comes from the peculiar clothing that they wore; caba means 'hat' or 'cap,' or perhaps 'cape' or 'cloak'. The McCabes remained in Ireland to found their own sept.

According to the book, Surnames of Scotland, 1946 NYPL, by George Black:
Mac or Mc is Galeic meaning "son". Maccabe is a Gaelic name. The Maccabes migrated to Ireland in the 14th century out of Macleods of Arran, especially to Leitram, Cavan, Monaghan and Meath. They were known as mercenaries of Norse and Hebridean origin.

Most Irish immigrants during the 1840's and 50's left from a little town in Cork Harbour names Cobh (pronounced Cove).

According to The Irish Race, by Hugh Quigley 1878, San Francisco, the McCabes/McCabas were chiefs of Brefney and Fermanagh in the 14th century.


Generation No. 1

1. James Bernard McCabe, born February 10, 1869 in Ops Twsp, London, Ontario Canada; died December 10, 1964. He was the son of 2. Michael McCabe and 3. Mary McCabe. He married (1) Theodora Louise McIlhargey January 24, 1899 in St. Mary's, Lindsay, Victoria, Ontario, Canada. She was the daughter of Patrick Benjamin McIlhargey and Mary Emily Ward.

Children of James McCabe and Theodora McIlhargey are:

i. Mary Patricia McCabe, born March 12, 1901; married Paul Schable May 31, 1922.

ii. Gertrude McCabe, born February 14, 1903 in Gilby, Grand Forks, ND; died April 18, 1996 in Northwood, Grand Forks, ND; married Joseph Edward Yahna June 13, 1927 in Larimore, Grand Forks, ND.

iii. Margarite McCabe, born March 13, 1905; married Francis R. Conroy June 12, 1936 in Larimore, Grand Forks, ND.

iv. Kathleen McCabe, born February 1, 1908; married Joseph G. Hunt February 8, 1932 in Larimore, Grand Forks, ND.

v. Monica McCabe, born Abt. 1910.

vi. Theodora McCabe, born Abt. 1910.

vii. Rita Louise McCabe, born October 22, 1916; married James William Rabak September 2, 1942 in Larimore, Grand Forks, ND.

Generation No. 2

2. Michael "Big Mickey" McCabe, born Abt. 1842 in County Cork, Ireland; died 1913. He was the son of 4. Frank McCabe and 5. Margaret Martin. He married 3. Mary McCabe Abt. 1865.

3. Mary McCabe, born Abt. 1843 in Ops Township, Victoria County, Ontario; died of typhoid fever in 1897 in ND. She was the daughter of 6. Michael McCabe and 7. Jane Muldoon.

The McCabes left Ireland because of the potato famine and the unjust rule of England, "which today is still referred to as the 'trouble'."   Michael McCabe came to Ops in 1859 as an 18 year old having arrived on the ship John Bright at the port of New York in Nov 1859.  He went on to Lindsay where his Grandfather, "Quaker" or "Old Francis" McCabe, was already settled.  He was living with Old Francis and Rebecca according to the 1861 census of Ops. Michael's parents, Frank McCabe and Margaret Martin, immigrated with there three remaining sons in May of 1861, arrived from Liverpool on the ship John Bright at NY harbor.  Evidently family lore had been correct; to wit, in 1859 Michael "Big Mickey" had come from Ireland to live with his grandfather in Lindsay - preceding the arrival of the rest of his family by two years. 

In the Summer of 1882, Michael came to Arvilla, Dakota Territory. He took a claim about 18 miles east of New Rockford, he bought a wagon, a team of oxen, a breaking plow, a tin stove, and lumber for a claim shanty in Grand Forks. That fall he came back to Arvilla and worked on the Dr. Harriman farm for the harvest. He brought his family, including his wife Mary and 9 children, to Dakota in Spring 1883 as he had rented the Harriman farm in Arvilla. The youngest child, Ben, was born in Arvilla. All the others were born in Ontario.

The 1871 Census of Ontario lists a Michael, age 30, b Ontario, Roman Catholic, Irish, Farmer, Subdist name=Ops (a township containing town of Lindsay in Victoria County).

ND Naturalization records list a Michael McCabe, from Ireland, declaring on 4/15/1882 in GFC (vol D4 p257) and receiving citizenship 6/16/1890 (vol F23, pg215).

Children of Michael McCabe and Mary McCabe are:

i. Tom McCabe, born 1864 in Lindsay, Ontario Canada; died 1898 in ND.

Tom was the oldest and had come to Dakota with his father (1882?), but stayed with an Uncle, Pat McCabe, who was living at Hallock, MN.

ND Naturalization records list a Thomas McCabe, from Canada, declaring in GFC on 11/1/1886 (vol D7, p279).

1 ii. James Bernard McCabe, born February 10, 1869 in Ops Twsp, London, Ontario Canada; died December 10, 1964; married Theodora Louise McIlhargey January 24, 1899 in St. Mary's, Lindsay, Victoria, Ontario, Canada.

iii. Annie McCabe, born 1870 in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada; married Edward Krause.

The GFC Heritage Book v2 (p169) shows Annie McCabe Krause as the owner of a quarter of section 27 in Hegton Township. I have determined that the twsp maps in this book are circa 1885-1890.

Sis' papers say she had no children. Occupation: 1889, Teacher at Hegton 42

iv. Patrick H. McCabe, born Abt. 1872 in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.

The GFC Heritage Book v2 (p169) shows that Patrick H. McCabe owns the south 1/2 of section 15 in Hegton Twsp, 1893. Same book (p171) shows a P.H. McCabe owns 65 acres just north of Larimore City, section 12, Larimore Twsp.

Sis' papers say he had 2 girls and 5 boys.

ND Naturalization records list a Patrick McCabe, from Canada, received citizenship in GFC on 11/3/1894 (vol F25 pg 64).

v. Margaret McCabe, born 1876 in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada; died 1953; married Martin Connolly.

Sis' papers: she had 3 or 4 boys who died in infancy. She also had 3 daughters.

vi. Kate McCabe, born Abt. 1877 in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada; married Tom Crowley.

Sis' papers say she had 1 son and 2 daughters.

vii. Francis Peter McCabe, born August 10, 1877 in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada; died February 16, 1977, and buried at Mont Meta Cem, San Benito, Cameron Cty, TX; married Delores Griffin.

The GFC Heritage Book v2 (p169) shows that a Frank McCabe owns most of the north 1/2 of section 15 in Hegton Twsp, 1893.

Sis' papers say he had 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Tom McCabe (3/28/9 email) says "Francis left for TX in 1918 with his family. The ND McCabes would visit Grandpa in South TX from time to time. I met Tine once, and spoke with her on the phone in the 1980's before I visited Ireland, but she didn't really have much info on the McCabes in Ireland. Both Grandpa Frank and Grandma Delores were very intelligent people. Grandpa was a heck of a domino and gin player - even until he died at 99!"

Frank's occupation: Farmer, postmaster Rio Hondo TX. Hobbies: devout Catholic, dominoes, gin rummy, and leading citizen in community (Rio Hondo TX)

viii. John McCabe, born Abt. 1880 in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.

Sis' papers say "Jack" never married. In The History of Catholicism in Larimore, author Tine McCabe Hunt says that she found 1884-1886 confirmation records of St Stephen's listed her father JB McCabe, and uncles Frank, John and Pat McCabe among those listed. This might indicate that John was born closer to 1875 than 1880.

ix. Minnie McCabe, born Abt. 1883 in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada; died Abt. 1890.

x. Arthur Bernard McCabe, born August 17, 1888 in Arvilla Twsp, Grand Forks County, Dakota Territory; died January 2, 1966; married Elizabeth Loretta McDermott October 29, 1913 in Larimore, Grand Forks County, ND.

The GFC Heritage Book (p418) says a Larimore doctor, A. Y. Thompson, and his wife, a nurse, once ran a maternity home in the Ben McCabe house.

Sis' papers say "Ben" he had 3 boys and 3 girls.

Generation No. 3

4. Frank McCabe, born Abt. 1805, Magheracloone, Monaghan, Ireland.   Buried at Bellevue Cem in Larimore ND.   He was the son of 8. Francis McCabe and probably 9. Sarah Richards (Frank may have been the son of an earlier wife of Francis'). He married 5. Margaret Martin.

5. Margaret Martin, born Abt. 1815.  Buried at the McCabe Farm at Tiffany (near New Rockford) ND

Sis' papers say that Michael brought his parents, Frank and Margaret, with him to Dakota.

Tom McCabe, in email 3/29/99, says "According to what I found out in Lindsay, 'Big Mickey', his father Frank, his mother, and his siblings must have all come to Lindsay about the same time - the dates aren't clear." And also, "I think that Big Mickey's father and mother came to North Dakota and are buried in North Dakota - according to a letter from Tine. Frank is in the Bell View cemetery and she is buried on the old farm according to the letter."

Land plats (abt 1893) from the GFC Heritage Book v2 (p169) shows that a Frank McCabe owns most of the north 1/2 of section 15 in Hegton Twsp.

Children of Frank McCabe and Margaret Martin are:

2 i. Michael McCabe, born Abt. 1842 in County Cork, Ireland; died 1913; married Mary McCabe Abt. 1865.

ii. Frank McCabe, born Abt. 1845; married Mary Hern.

Sis' papers: Frank and his wife came with his brother Michael and family. Michael gave Frank his land near New Rockford. Frank "Red" had 2 sons, one died while a young lad.

iii. Pat McCabe, born Abt. 1845.

According to Sis' papers, Tom McCabe (Jim's oldest brother), worked on his Uncle Pat McCabe's farm in Hallock MN.

Occupation: farmer

6. Michael McCabe, born Abt. 1809 in Ireland; died Abt. 1880. Buried at Lindsay Cathoilic Cem, Lindsay Ontario.  Son of 12. ? McCabe b about 1780.  He married 7. Jane Muldoon, and later married Mary Daly, who is also buried at Lindsay Catholic Cem.

7. Jane Muldoon, born Abt. 1821 in Ireland.  She was almost certainly the daughter of Rebecca Maria ? aka "the widow Muldoon", who married 8. Francis McCabe.

Sis' papers say they immigrated to Ops Township, Victoria County, Ontario where all their children were born.

Sis' papers also mention that Michael had a son named Peter, by a first wife (the only child), who was possibly named Daly. "Uncle Peter McCabe from Brookings, SD" was the grandfather of John L Stolp, of Yakima WA. Mr Stolp corresponded with a genealogist back in Lindsay, and later sent copies to Bernard McCabe.

This 1861 Ontario census is from Township of Ops, County Victoria, page 10.

Michael's occupation: 1861, Farmer

Children of Michael McCabe and Jane Muldoon are:

i. Peter McCabe, born Abt. 1840; died Abt. 1924. Buried at Lindsay Catholic Cem.

According to Sis' papers he did not marry. But her papers also say he was the Grandfather of John Stolp of Yakima WA.

ND Naturalization records list a Peter McCabe, from Canada, declaring in GFC on 4/14/1879 (vol D1, pg 294). No 2nd (citizenship designation) listed.

3 ii. Mary McCabe, born Abt. 1843 in Ops Township, Victoria County, Ontario; died 1897 in ND; married Michael McCabe Abt. 1865.

iii. Michael McCabe, born Abt. 1847 in Ops Township, Victoria County, Ontario.

iv. Anne Jane McCabe, born Abt. 1849 in Ops Township, Victoria County, Ontario; married ? O'Keefe.

v. Arthur McCabe, born Abt. 1853 in Ops Township, Victoria County, Ontario.

ND Naturalization records list an Arthur McCabe, from Canada, declaring on 4/15/1882 in GFC. Vol D4, p257.

In GFC Heritage Book v2, on p162, in sections 2 and 11 of Arvilla Twsp, an Arthur McCabe is listed as owning 156 acres.

vi. James McCabe, born Abt. 1854 in Ops Township, Victoria County, Ontario.

vii. Elizabeth McCabe, born Abt. 1856 in Ops Township, Victoria County, Ontario.

viii. Patrick McCabe, born Abt. 1857 in Ops Township, Victoria County, Ontario.

This is the Patrick that lived in Hallock MN, where his nephew Thomas lived with him.

There is a MN land patent report for a Patrick McCabe signed 12/20/83 at Crookston MN, section 12, township 160 north, range 48 west, 160 acres Kittson County. Cash sale, document 2555.

ix. William McCabe, born Abt. 1859 in Ops Township, Victoria County, Ontario.

x. Rose Ellen McCabe, born 1862 in Ops Township, Victoria County, Ontario; died 1919; married Richmond Fadden Abt. 1898.

ND Naturalization records list a Rose E. McCabe, from Canada, declaring on 10/3/1900 in GFC (vol D10, pg455) and receiving citizenship 10/31/1904 (vol F27, pg 123).

There is a story on Dick Fadden in the GFC Heritage book v1, pg503. The 1893 plat maps show he owned around more than 2 sections, altogether, mostly in Arvilla Twsp and a little in Avon Twsp.

Dick's occupation: Law Enforcement

Generation No. 4

8. Francis McCabe, born September 20, 1782, Magheracloone, County Monaghan, Ireland.  He married 9. Sarah Richards, who was born about 1785.  He married Rebecca Maria ? aka "the widow Muldoon" in Lindsay Ontario, 1841.  Rebecca Maria ? was almost certainly the mother of 7. Jane Muldoon.

Child of Francis McCabe is:

4 i. Frank McCabe, born Abt. 1805; married Margaret Martin.

ii. Elizabeth McCabe, born about 1825; married Patrick Dunn in Ireland.

iii. Simon McCabe, born March 1, 1827 and died September 24, 1870 in Eaton, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin; married Mary Ann McCabe (no known relation).

"Old" Francis McCabe came to OPS in about 1828. He was settled in OPS on Concession 10 Lot 11 by 1829, receiving his patent in 1840. Francis was a former soldier in the British army, serving with the 74th Regiment of Foot from 1809 to 1813 and the 7th Reserve Battalion from 1813 to 1816. Many army records confirm these details. Francis was wounded in the neck in 1812 or 1813 while fighting in Spain with Wellington's forces against the French. Army records conflict - one states that he was born in Magheracloone and another states that he was born in Hillsborough, County Down. In either case he returned to Magheracloone, Monaghan after his army service. It is not clear when he married Sarah Richards, but she was the mother of his youngest son Simon who was born about 1827. It is possible he had a previous wife who gave birth to his oldest son Francis, who was born before 1810. A widower, Old Francis married the "Widow Muldoon" in 1841 - they lived on Concession 10 Lot 11 and later moved to property slightly north, Concession 9 Lot 18. Francis bought and sold several properties in the 1830s-1850s in Ops.

Francis younger brother Patrick emigrated to Ops in about 1831. Patrick was helped a great deal by his brother according to numerous letters and documents in the Heir and Devices Files in the Toronto archives. Patrick died about 1845. Francis provided financial support to Patrick's son, Patrick Jr., when he arrived in Ops about 1855. Patrick Jr. applied for and received title to his father's property, Conc 3 Lot 13; however, there must have been some dispute over the title since Victoria County land records indicate that Francis had to help pay for a judgement against Patrick Jr. in a lawsuit that ensued.

Starting in 1851, Francis' children did begin to emigrate from Monaghan to Ops. Simon, the youngest came first. He settled in Ops and then homesteaded in Eaton, Manitowoc Co, Wisconsin in 1854. He remained in Ops until about 1865 when his family permanently left Ops for Wisconsin. Simon was dead by 1871.

Old Francis' daughter Elizabeth McCabe Dunn and her husband Patrick came to Ops about 1860, settled near her father and eventually farmed Old Francis property for many years. Elizabeth's husband Patrick Dunn died before 1895 and all of the family moved to Rochester NY. They sold the remaining part of Old Francis' property to Thomas McCabe (son of Francis "Jr" and grandson of Old Francis) in 1895. (Thomas was the only known descendent of Old Francis who remained in Ops after 1895.)

It is almost certain that this Old Francis McCabe is the father of the younger Francis McCabe who immigrated to Ops from Monaghan Ireland in May of 1861. Some family historians have indicated that the younger Francis' father was named Michael, called "Quaker". But there is no evidence of this. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that this "Old Francis" was the father of Francis, husband of Margaret Martin, who arrived in May 1861 to Ops. Francis "Jr" had been a young man of about 20 when his father immigrated from Ireland. Old Francis' wife must have died shortly after 1830 back in Ireland since the family did not emigrate to Canada as had been planned.

Old Francis died in August 1862, leaving a will naming the above mentioned children (and Simon's 2 year old son Francis) as his heirs. Old Francis' will stated that his son Francis lived in Laxton, close to Ops. The marriage records of Michael ("big Mickey") McCabe in 1864 state that he lived in Laxton with his parents, Francis and Margaret. There are no other Francis McCabe in the Ops vicinity in the 1861 census; so it is VERY likely that the Francis named as Old Francis' son, is in fact the Francis married to Margaret Martin as stated above.

See these web pages for more information on the 74th Regiment of Foot:

See Monaghan on a map of Ireland:

See this link a for map of Monaghan and Magheracloone. Magheracloone is area 17 on the map.

12. ? McCabe b about 1780.  Children:

6 i. Michael McCabe

ii. John McCabe, b 1821 Ireland, and died before 1869 at Victoria County, Canada.  Married Mary Burns 1846 at St Mary's in Lindsay Ontario.  She was b 1822 and died 1897 at Victoria County, Canada.