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Ancestors of Owen Williams

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The Williams surname

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Generation No. 1

1. Owen Williams, born March 24, 1860 in Tyn y lon, Llanddeu2sant, Anglesey, Wales; died June 13, 1933 in Arvilla, Grand Forks, ND. He was the son of 2. William Williams and 3. Anne Hughes. He married (1) Margaret Lewis Jones May 22, 1882 in Soer Chapel, Llanfaethlu, Anglesey, Wales. She was born July 02, 1860 in Marian, Llanddeusant, Anglesey, Wales, and died February 07, 1948 in Larimore, Grand Forks, ND. She was the daughter of William Jones and Elizabeth Lewis Hughes.

Owen is buried at the Arvilla Cemetery, Arvilla ND.  He immigrated in 1882, and was naturalized June 06, 1895.   He was a farm worker, once worked in a fancy hotel in Arvilla ND, the Hersey House, and was the school custodian in Arvilla for many years.

For Marriage Notes and more about Margaret Lewis Jones: see Ancestors of Maggie Jones

For Owen and Margaret's children, see the Williams-Jones descendants

Generation No. 2

2. William Williams, born 1828 in Maltraeth (Trefdraeth Parish), Anglesey, Wales. William Williams was babptized November 30, 1828, at the Trefdraeth Parish.  He was the son of 4. John Williams and 5. Elinor ?. He married 3. Anne Hughes January 01, 1851 in Llanddeusant, Anglesey, Wales.

3. Anne Hughes, born Abt. 1831 in Llechgynfarwy, Anglesey, Wales. She was the daughter of 6. William Hughes and 7. Ellin Griffith.

1881 census indicates that William was born in "Maltraeth (Trefdraeth) 1829. Address is Adda Lane in Llanddeusant.  He was a General Labourer.  She was born in Llechgyfarwydd, no occupation.

1871 Llanddeusant Village census: William Williams - aged 42 Labourer, no birthplace. Ann, 40, Owen 10, Jane 8, William 4, all born Llanddeusant.

1851 Marriage Record says William's Address was "Bwlan."

Woody Cady says there is a child in this family that is named Mary Williams. Woody has a picture of her that his mother identified as Mary. She says that Mary lived in Minnesota.

The Mormon's IGI (Intl Genealogy Index) includes a record for William Williams, son of John and Ellin, b 1828 in Anglesey, christened 2/22/1828 at Llandyfrydog. This info would appear to be a mismatch based on other records that show his baptism was in Nov 1828.

1851 census: Ann Hughes is listed as 20, married, living with parents at a house called Goyon, a labourer's wife, born in Llechgynfarwy, a parish in Anglesey.

Woody Cady says Ann Hughes Griffith was born at Llechgynfarwy, Anglesey. But the 1871 census, as well as marriage records, say she was born in Llanddeusant and her name was Ann Hughes, living at Glebe House.

Owen's birth certificate says his mother was "Anne Williams formerly Hughes."

In Hinde email of 6/25/97, she says that in Llechgynfarwy there is record of 1/30/1831 baptism of Ann Hughes, daughter of William Hughes, a weaver, and Ellen of Ty Newydd. Catherine was baptized on 7/30/1837 at the same address. No other children. She also went through 1841 census for Llechgynfarwy, but no record of William and Ellin.

Marriage: January 01, 1851, Llanddeusant, Anglesey, Wales.  "William Williams, of full age, Labourer, Address = Bwlan. Father = John Williams, Labourer. Ann Hughes, Under age, Single, Address = Glebe House. Father = William Hughes, Weaver."

Anne was probably working at Glebe House when married. If under 21 in Britain in those days, one was underage - today it is 18.

Children of William Williams and Anne Hughes are:

i. William Williams, born 1852

ii. Ellen Williams, born 1854

iii. Mary T. Williams, born October 27, 1857, Holyhead Anglesey, Wales.  Died April 27, 1941, Lone Butte, Alberta Canada.  Married William Richard Owens, November 23, 1877, Wales.

1 iv. Owen Williams

v. Jane Williams, born Abt. 1863

vi. William Williams, born Abt. 1867

vii. Catherine Williams, born Abt. 1870 in Llanddeusant, Anglesey, North Wales

viii. Hugh Williams, born Abt. 1873 in Llanddeusant, Anglesey, North Wales

Generation No. 3

4. John Williams, born Abt. 1800. He married 5. Elinor ?.

5. Elinor ?, born Abt. 1800.

Address info "Trefdraeth Parish in Yard Maltraeth" is from son William's baptism record dated 11/30/1828.  Occupation: January 01, 1851, Labourer

6. William Hughes, born Abt. 1798 in Bodedern, Anglesey, Wales. He married 7. Ellin Griffith.

7. Ellin Griffith, born Abt. February 1792 in Amlwch Parish, Anglesey, Wales. She was the daughter of 14. William Griffith and 15. Ellin ?.

1851 Census: William and his family lived in a house with the name Read Goyon.   Ellin's occupation is weaver.  "Ellen" 's name has Griffith crossed out and Hughes written in.

In Llechgynfarwy there is record of 1/30/1831 baptism of Ann Hughes, daughter of William Hughes, a weaver, and Ellin of Ty Newydd, which is the family address, meaning New House in Welsh. Catherine was baptized on 7/30/1837 at the same address. No other children.  1841 census for Llechgynfarwy shows no record of William and Ellin.

Woody Cady's family bible shows that William was married to Ann Lewis. We have no other record of this though.

Children of William Hughes and Ellin Griffith are:

3 i. Anne Hughes

ii. Catherine Hughes, born 1837 in Llechgynfarwy, Anglesey, Wales

Listed as a Scholar in the 1851 census.

iii. William Pritchard, born Abt. 1843 in Llanddeusant, Anglesey, North Wales

William Pritchard is listed as a Niece (!) in the 1851 census info per Hinde letter of 4/7/96. Aged 8, Scholar.

Woody Cady has an old "family" picture with the name Kate Pritchard on it.

Most Welsh names beginning with P are derived from the old surname prefix "ap" which meant "offspring" or "son of". Thus Price is "son of Rice", and Pritchard is "son of Richard".

Sir John Rhys in his work "Celtic Folklore" (1901) has preserved the letters of William Jones of Llangollen on the folklore of Beddgelert district. William Jones wrote to sir John as follows:

As an example of the old-fashioned habits of Beddgelert in my early days, I may mention the way in which wives and children used to be named.  The custom was that the wife never took her husband’s family name, but retained the one she had as a spinster.   Thus, my grandmother on my mother’s side was called Ellen HUGHES, daughter of Hugh Hughes of Gwastad Annas.  The name of her husband, my grandfather was William PRICHARD, son of Richard WILLIAM, of the Efail Newydd.  The name of their eldest son, my uncle (brother to my mother) was Hugh HUGHES and the second son’s name was Richard WILLIAMS.  The mother had the privilege of naming her first born after her own family, in case it was a boy; but if it happened to be a girl, she took her name from the father’s family, for which reason my mother’s maiden name was Catherine WILLIAMS.  This remained her name to the day of her death, and the old people of Beddgelert persisted in calling me, so long as I was at home, William PRICHARD, after my grandfather, as I was my mother’s eldest child.

Another variation of the above naming custom was to name the eldest son after his paternal grandfather, and the eldest daughter after her paternal grandmother.  The second son and daughter took the names of their maternal grandparents and the third son and daughter the names of their parents.

Assuming that this type of naming pattern was in use, then the names of grandparents can be deduced from the names of their grandchildren.

Generation No. 4

14. William Griffith, born Abt. 1760. He married 15. Ellin ?.

15. Ellin ?, born Abt. 1760.

Occupation: February 1792, Labourer