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Descendants of Owen Williams and Margaret Jones
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This report was last updated on May 05, 2007

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History of Wales and Anglesey

Ancestors of Owen Williams

Ancestors of Margaret Jones

The Williams Surname

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Descendants of Owen Williams and Margaret Jones

Generation No. 1

1. Owen Williams was born March 24, 1860 in Tyn y lon, Llanddeusant, Anglesey, Wales, and died June 13, 1933 in Arvilla, Grand Forks, ND. He married Margaret Lewis Jones May 22, 1882 in Soer Chapel, Llanfaethlu, Anglesey, Wales, daughter of William Jones and Elizabeth Hughes. She was born July 02, 1860 in Marian, Llanddeusant, Anglesey, Wales, and died February 07, 1948 in Larimore, Grand Forks, ND.

More about Owen Williams: see Ancestors of Owen Williams

More about Maggie Jones: see Ancestors of Margaret Jones

Children of Owen Williams and Margaret Jones are:

2 i. Elizabeth Anne Williams.

3 ii. Annie Olive Williams.

4 iii. Arthur Owen Williams.

5 iv. William O. Williams, born November 30, 1889; died December 18, 1905.  Buried at Arvilla Cemetery, Arvilla ND.

6 v. Hugh Lewis Williams.

7 vi. Ellen Jane Williams, born February 22, 1893; died March 08, 1893.

8 vii. Charles Wesley Williams.

9 viii. David Ederyn Williams, born January 27, 1896; died September 01, 1905.   Burial: Arvilla Cemetery, Arvilla ND

Generation No. 2

2. Elizabeth Anne Williams was born February 09, 1883 in Arvilla, Grand Forks, ND, and died April 12, 1973 in Northwood, Grand Forks, ND. She married Edwin Otto Johnson January 10, 1906 in Emerado, ND, son of Gilbert Johnson and Eline Anderson. He was born September 22, 1881 in Larimore, Grand Forks, ND, and died November 15, 1960 in Grand Forks, ND.  Burial: Bellview Cemetery in Larimore, ND. 

"Bessie" was a teacher. One of her boys was nicknamed "Toughy".   Bessie was buried at Bellview Cemetery in Larimore, ND April 16, 1973.

Education: UND.  Occupation: Teacher.

Ed was the oldest of 10 children, according to the GFC Heritage Book, p156.   Occupation: Farmer.

Children of Elizabeth Williams and Edwin Johnson are:

10 i. Everett Earl Johnson.

11 ii. Arthur Clinton Johnson, born October 19, 1911; died June 09, 1912.  Burial: Bellview Cemetery in Larimore, ND.

12 iii. Owen Gilbert Johnson.

13 iv. Robert Melvin Johnson, born October 13, 1915; died January 28, 1935.   Burial: Bellview Cemetery in Larimore, ND.

14 v. Margaret Doris Johnson.

15 vi. Ellen Louise Johnson.

3. Annie Olive Williams was born April 03, 1886, and died of cancer November 13, 1949. She married Ezekiel James Griffin 1915, son of John Griffin and Mary Giles. He was born December 25, 1880 in Clifford, Ontario, Canada, and died December 1969 in Wawa, Ontario, Canada.

Children of Annie Williams and Ezekiel Griffin are:

16 i. Maurice Duane Griffin, born October 09, 1916; died February 05, 1925.

17 ii. Glenn Gordon Griffin, born September 30, 1921. He married Barbara Dawson; born Abt. 1920.

18 iii. Marion Arvilla Griffin.

4. Arthur Owen Williams was born October 13, 1887 in Arvilla, Grand Forks, ND, and died May 02, 1969 in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, Canada. He married (1) Erma Drinnen. She was born Abt. 1890. He married (2) Nellie Peterson 1916. She was born Abt. 1890, and died August 25, 1934 in Admiral, Saskatchewan, Canada.

1910 ND census says Arthur A.  Occupation: Farmer.

Child of Arthur Williams and Erma Drinnen is:

19 i. Raymond Williams, born Abt. 1920.

Children of Arthur Williams and Nellie Peterson are:

20 i. Margaret Williams.

21 ii. Grace Williams, born Abt. 1920. She married Cliff Schmidt; born Abt. 1920.

6. Hugh Lewis Williams was born October 25, 1891 in Arvilla, Grand Forks, ND, and died April 17, 1960. He married Clara Porter 1915 in Malta, MT. She was born September 06, 1890 in Mount City, KS, and died August 14, 1970 in Kenewick, WA.  Both buried at Arvilla.

wpe1.jpg (27056 bytes)

Hugh and Clara about 1950, from the Grand Forks Heritage Book.

GFC Heritage Book says that Hugh and Clara lived on Clara's homestead in Malta (Montana) for 5 years before returning to farm near Arvilla.

Children of Hugh Williams and Clara Porter are:

22 i. Milton Owen Williams.

23 ii. Chester Dudley Williams, born April 21, 1918; died in a plane crash August 11, 1955.  Buried at Arvilla.

The GFC Heritage Book (p457) has a poem written by Chester Williams in tribute to a farmhand friend, Bill "Big Bill" Vallert, who was killed in a fight in Mekinock in 1932. Maybe this Chester is the poet.

24 iii. Donald Lewis Williams, born February 08, 1921; burned to death October 28, 1922.  Burial: Arvilla Cemetery

25 iv. Ruth Williams.

8. Charles Wesley Williams was born January 20, 1894 in ND, and died September 22, 1961 in Grand Forks ND. He married Olga Sikora Loretta Woken March 28, 1928 in Crookston MN, daughter of Paul Woken and Kari Aftret. She was born May 22, 1900 in Loretta, Grand Forks County, ND, and died June 11, 2000 in Northwood Deaconess Health Center, Northwood, ND.

Notes for Charles Wesley Williams: see Appendix - Charles Williams in the Military

Notes for Olga Sikora Loretta Woken: see Descendants of Woken-Aftret.

Olga's obituary says they were married in Grand Forks, although other sources say March 28, 1928, Crookston MN.

wpe2.jpg (73132 bytes)

Charles Williams family about 1944.


Children of Charles Williams and Olga Woken are:

26 i. Wesley Duane Williams.

27 ii. Lester Franklin Williams.

28 iii. Vance Orrin Williams.

29 iv. Loretta Mae Williams.

wpe5.jpg (79039 bytes)

Charles Williams, about 1950.

Generation No. 3

10. Everett Earl Johnson was born November 09, 1907, and died January 19, 1960. Burial: Bellview Cemetery in Larimore, ND.  He married Bertha Annetta Lien June 05, 1937. She was born December 14, 1907 in Windsor WI, and died April 26, 1985.   Burial: April 30, 1985, Larimore, ND.  She was a school Teacher.

12. Owen Gilbert Johnson.  He married Eleanor Johnson.

14. Margaret Doris Johnson.  She married (1) ? Lidenberg.   She married (2) Norman Astor Johnson

15. Ellen Louise Johnson.  She married Atwood Hankel Cady.

18. Marion Arvilla Griffin.  She married Albert Bond.

20. Margaret Williams.  She married Ross Deschamps.

22. Milton Owen Williams.  He married Martha May Nesdahl.

25. Ruth Williams.  She married Orrin Rostberg.

26. Wesley Duane Williams.  He married Evelyn Ohms.

27. Lester Franklin Williams.  He married Faye Henrietta Shambaugh.

28. Vance Orrin Williams.  He married Joan Gertrude Yahna.

29. Loretta Mae Williams.  She married Scott Holwell Shambaugh.

Information on recent generations has been omitted to protect privacy.

For more information contact Tom Williams.