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Ancestors of Paul Anderson Woken

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More about Kari Aftret and her ancestors

Woken-Aftret descendants

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Generation No. 1

1. Paul Anderson Woken, born June 14, 1857 in Selbu, Norway; died December 1921 in Northwood ND. He was the son of 2. Anders Johnson Eidem and 3. Karen Paulsdatter Uglem. He married (1) Kari Pedersdatter Aftret 1881 in Atwater MN. She was the daughter of Peder Larsen Aftret and Karen Estensdatter Tuseth.

Olga Williams, their daughter, says that Woken, in Norwegian, means something like culdesac or dead-end/turnaround in road, which sort of describes the little valley he lived in.

Jacobsen's Stamtavle for Olga Woken Williams says Paul Anderson Eidem Wokken.

For more about Paul Woken and/or Kari Aftret, see Descendants of Woken-Aftret.

Generation No. 2

2. Anders Johnson Eidem, born June 24, 1820 in Selbu, Norway; died 1873 in Atwater MN. He was the son of 4. John Sivertsen Eidem and 5. Sigri Bersvendsdatter Draxten. He married 3. Karen Paulsdatter Uglem July 6, 1846 in Selbu, Norway.

3. Karen Paulsdatter Uglem, born October 26, 1825 in Selbu, Norway; died December 1913 in Atwater MN. She was the daughter of 6. Paul Evenssen Uglem and 7. Sigrid Bersvendsdatter Draxten.

Anders is buried at Atwater MN. Immigration: 1866, Atwater, Meeker County MN. Apparently Anders and his wife, Karen, were first cousins. Their mothers were sisters.

Jacobsen's Stamtavle says Anders Jonsen Eidem Wokken.

Selbygbogen (book 1, pub 1931) p355 says he was in Atwater, Meeker County MN, from 1866 to 1890, and ND from 1890 to 1907, when he then returned to Atwater "where they now live."

Children of Anders Eidem and Karen Uglem are:

i. Ole Anderson Eidem, born January 9, 1855 in Selbu, Norway; died 1930 in Atwater MN.

Ole never married.

1 ii. Paul Anderson Woken.

iii. John Anderson Eidem, born January 6, 1860 in Eidem, Selbu, Norway; died January 30, 1935 in Dell Rapids SD; married Anne Andersdatter Uglem June 8, 1891 in Northwood GF ND.

According to WFT v1 #4755, he was also known as "John Woken, taken from the town Vokkan."

ND naturalization records list a John S. Woken 6/18/1889 in GF County, from Norway, listed at F22, pg524.

Anne's Immigration: 1883, Meeker County MN

iv. Sarah Andersdatter Eidem, born June 9, 1862 in Selbu, Norway; died September 20, 1935 in Atwater MN; married Andrew Anderson October 10, 1891 in Grove City MN.

Actual name may have been Sigrid, according to 1865 census.

v. Karen (Carrie?) Eidem, born December 1867 in Selbu, Norway; died April 1890; married ? Harstad.

She died while in childbirth.

vi. Ingeborg Eidem, born Abt. 1870 in Selbu, Norway; died in Norway.

vii. Anna Andersdatter Eidem, born April 20, 1871 in Atwater MN; died October 30, 1939 in Wahpeton, Richland County, ND; married Charles Wagner in Fargo ND.

viii. Bersvend Andersen Eidem, born 1865 in Selbu.

ix. Sigri Andersdatter Eidem, born 1847 in Selbu.

Generation No. 3

4. John Sivertsen Eidem, born 1788; died 1832 in Selbu. He was the son of 8. Sivert Jonsen Eidem and 9. Helke Jonsen Aftret. He married 5. Sigri Bersvendsdatter Draxten 1812.

5. Sigri Bersvendsdatter Draxten, born 1786 in Selbu, Norway; died 1872 in Selbu. She was the daughter of 10. Bersvend Siursen Draxten and 11. Lisbeth Torkilsdatter Klegseth

1801 census lists two Jon Sivertssen Eidums from the same family. One born 1781, the other 1783. Both unmarried. Their father was Sivert Jonssen Eidum, a farmer, b 1739, and their mother was Haelge Jonsdatter b 1753. Other siblings were Ole Sivertssen Eidum, b1786; Ingebor Sivertsdatter Eidum, b 1791; and another Ingebor Sivertsdatter Eidum, b 1792.

Jacobsen's Stamtavle for Olga Woken Williams says John Sivertsen was an Ostre (Eastern) Eidem.

On Olga Woken Williams' Stamtavle, it says Nigarden after Siri's name. This is Siri the elder; she had a younger sister named Siri too.

Children of John Eidem and Sigri Draxten are:

i. Helga Johnsdatter Eidem, born October 12, 1812 in Selbu, Norway; married Ole Sirum.

There was a Sirum farm in Selbu. 1801 census lists 1 or 2 families on the farm. Last Ole was born about 1773.

ii. Sivert Johnsen Eidem, born August 20, 1815 in Selbu, Norway; married Brynild Jonsdatter ?.

2 iii. Anders Johnson Eidem.

iv. Marit Johnsdatter Eidem, born September 18, 1823 in Selbu, Norway.

6. Paul Evenssen Uglem, born 1799 in Selbu, Norway; died June 8, 1886 in Uglem-Bortigarrn, Norway. He was the son of 12. Even Pederssen Uglem and 13. Karen Paulsdatter Garberg. He married 7. Sigrid Bersvendsdatter Draxten November 3, 1823 in Selbu, Norway.

7. Sigrid Bersvendsdatter Draxten, born 1800 in Selbu, Norway; died April 9, 1877. She was the daughter of 10. Bersvend Siursen Draxten and 11. Lisbeth Torkilsdatter Klegseth.

1801 Census lists name as Poul rather than "Paul".

This is Siri the younger; she also had an older sister named Siri.

Children of Paul Uglem and Sigrid Draxten are:

i. Even Paulson Uglem, born March 27, 1824 in Selbu, Norway; married Beret Oldsdatter Floness 1851.

WFT v1 #4755 says "Beret Olsdaughter Flonas".

3 ii. Karen Paulsdatter Uglem.

iii. Marit Paulsdatter Uglem, born October 12, 1828 in Selbu, Norway; died March 26, 1881 in Selbu, Norway; married Anders Andersen Uglem July 12, 1852 in Selbu, Norway.

iv. Bersvend Paulsen Uglem, born February 17, 1830 in Selbu, Norway; died November 26, 1852.

v. Peder Paulsen Almaas Uglem, born May 28, 1836 in Selbu, Norway; married Ane Larsdatter Kvelloaune.

vi. John Paulsen Uglem, born December 6, 1838 in Selbu, Norway; married Ingeborg Jonsdatter Eidem January 29, 1872.

John had no children. He is listed as a single servant on the 1865 census, living on the Uglum farm.

May be Ingaborg rather than Ingeborg.  She may have gone by Woken as well.

vii. Sivert Paulson Uglem, born November 13, 1841 in Selbu, Norway; died April 7, 1922 in Maple Grove, MN; married Helga Olsdatter Sirum 1875 in Minneapolis MN.

Born 10/11/1841?  The 1865 census says he was single.

Helen? - rather than Helga?

viii. Brynhild Paulsdatter Uglem, born April 9, 1846 in Selbu, Norway.

"Brynild" is listed as a single servant living on the Uglum farm in the 1865 census.

ix. Bersvend Uglem, born February 17, 1827.

x. Peder Uglem, born June 15, 1832 in Selbu, Norway.

Generation No. 4

8. Sivert Jonsen Eidem, born 1739 in Selbu; died 1814. He was the son of 16. Jon Sivertsen Slind and 17. Ingeborg Olsdatter. He married 9. Helke Jonsen Aftret.

9. Helke Jonsen Aftret, born 1754 in Selbu; died 1820. She was the daughter of 18. Jon Bersvendsen Aftret and 19. Ingeborg Olsdatter Kjosnes.

Jacobsen's Stamtavle for Olga Woken Williams says Yster (eastern) after his name. Terje Erik Garberg, in 2/26/1999 email, says Yster Em or Ostre Eidem is the first farm , which includes smaller farms: Nordistoggo, Nirshaugen, Eidemsgjerdet, Vokken, etc. The smaller farms were leased from the larger farmer, who owned all the land. The smaller farmers were allowed to lease the small plots in return for their work for the larger farmer.

Jacobsen's Stamtavle for Olga Woken Williams says Nordigarden after Helke's name.

Child of Sivert Eidem and Helke Aftret is:

4 i. John Sivertsen Eidem.

10. Bersvend Siursen Draxten, born 1756 in Selbu, Norway; died 1827. He was the son of 20. Siur Bersvendsen Draxten and 21. Marit Andersdatter Vigen. He married 11. Lisbeth Torkilsdatter Klegseth 1778 in Selbu, Norway.

WFT v1 #4755 says his name was Bersvend Sjursen Draxten.

11. Lisbeth Torkilsdatter Klegseth, born 1754 in Selbu, Norway; died September 21, 1818 in Selbu, Norway. She was the daughter of 22. Torkild Nilsen Klegseth and 23. Siri Michelsdatter Rena.

The 1801 census says Bersvend Siverts Draxen (rather than Draxten) and wife Lisbet. It also says it's their 1st marriage. He is a farmer and farm occupant; no occupation listed for her.  There is a woman named Marit Tokilsdatter living on the Draxten farm. It is likely this is Lisbet's sister. Born 1744, a widow after her 1st marriage. A housewife without ground - poor. Her son is also listed: Niels Olssen b 1781, single, no occupation.   There is also a man named Mikkel Torkils listed. Born 1740 in 1st marriage. House man with ground and "savmaester ved draxens sav," which perhaps (?) means save master with Draxen's savings (?) m Marit Olsdatter b 1742 in 1st marriage, no occupation listed. They have 1 daughter, Angnis Mikkelsdatter, b 1784, single, no occupation listed.

Stamtavle says Ustigarden after her name.

Several of Bersvend and Lisbeth's children married Renas; some of whom were probably siblings, or at least cousins.

Children of Bersvend Draxten and Lisbeth Klegseth are:

i. Marit Bersvendsdatter Draxten, born 1779 in Selbu, Norway; died September 8, 1845; married Bersvend Andersen Amdahl July 19, 1807.

1801 census says both Bersvend and Marit are single.

ii. Torkild Bersvends Draxten, born 1781 in Selbu, Norway; died August 31, 1797 in Selbu, Norway.

iii. Sjur Bersvends Draxten, born 1783 in Selbu, Norway; died January 14, 1783 in Selbu, Norway.

This person does not show up on the 1801 census.

iv. Sivert Bersvendsen Draxten, born 1784 in Selbu, Norway; died January 2, 1852 in Norway; married Beret Olsdaughter Rena June 15, 1811 in Norway.

1801 census says Beret was 12, or born in 1789.  WFT#4755 says Beret was born 1790.

5 v. Sigri Bersvendsdatter Draxten.

vi. Helga Bersvendsdatter Draxten, born 1789 in Selbu, Norway; died November 16, 1871; married Gunder Olssen Rena July 7, 1819 in Selbu, Norway.

"Helge" is probably a twin of Siri Bersvendsdtr (born in the same year). However, WFT v1 #4755 says "Helga" was born 1789.

vii. Peder Bersvends Draxten, born 1791 in Selbu, Norway; died August 1, 1857 in Selbu, Norway; married Agnethe Olsdaughter Rena 1815 in Selbu, Norway.

1801 census says "Angnes" was 12, or born in 1789.

viii. Berethe Bersvendsdatter Draxten, born May 28, 1796 in Selbu, Norway; married Jon Olssen Rena September 12, 1822 in Selbu, Norway.

7 ix. Sigrid Bersvendsdatter Draxten.

12. Even Pederssen Uglem, born 1759; died 1812. He was the son of 24. Peder Evenssen Uglem and 25. Brynhild Eriksdatter Langli. He married 13. Karen Paulsdatter Garberg.

13. Karen Paulsdatter Garberg, born 1758; died 1843. She was the daughter of 26. Poul Pederssen Garberg and 27. Gjertrud Nilsdatter Aune.

1801 Census: Even is listed as husband in first marriage; a farmer and farm occupant.   Karen's first marriage. No occupation listed. She is listed on the Uglem farm pages, but we know her original farm was Garberg.

Stamtavle says Even Persen Uglan, and "Kari"  Also says Ustoggo (or Utstoggo) after her name.

Children of Even Uglem and Karen Garberg are:

i. Brynhild Evensdatter Uglem, born 1787.

ii. Peder Evenssen Uglem, born 1790.

iii. Gjertrud Evensdatter Uglem, born 1792; married Peder Paulsen Ugleushaug.

iv. Magli Evensdatter Uglem, born 1796.

6 v. Paul Evenssen Uglem.

Generation No. 5

16. Jon Sivertsen Slind, born 1705 in Selbu; died 1784. He was the son of 32. Sivert Jonsen Nesvik and 33. Brynhild Jonsdatter Kyllo. He married 17. Ingeborg Olsdatter.

17. Ingeborg Olsdatter, born 1705 in Selbu; died 1786. She was the daughter of 34. Ola Nilsen Moslet and 35. Mali Moslet.

Jacobsen's Stamtavle says Testinsgarden after Jon's name, and Stokke Yster (eastern) after Ingeborg's name. Stokke is on the coast southwest of Oslo.

Child of Jon Slind and Ingeborg Olsdatter is:

8 i. Sivert Jonsen Eidem.

18. Jon Bersvendsen Aftret, born 1728 in Selbu; died 1786. He was the son of 36. Bersven Tomassen Aftret and 37. Mali Bersvensdatter Slind. He married 19. Ingeborg Olsdatter Kjosnes.

19. Ingeborg Olsdatter Kjosnes, born 1731 in Selbu; died 1776. She was the daughter of 38. Ole Olsen Kjosnes and 39. Anare Pedersdatter Hegseth.

Jacobsen's Stamtavle says Nordigarden after Jon's name, and says Oppigarden after Ingeborg's name.

Child of Jon Aftret and Ingeborg Kjosnes is:

9 i. Helke Jonsen Aftret.

20. Siur Bersvendsen Draxten, born 1716 in Selbu, Trondheim, Norway; died 1766 in Norway. He was the son of 40. Bersvend Olsen Kjosnes and 41. Ingeborg Siursdatter. He married 21. Marit Andersdatter Vigen 1746.

21. Marit Andersdatter Vigen, born 1715 in Selbu, Norway; died 1790 in Norway. She was the daughter of 42. Anders Vigen and 43. Helga Michelsdatter Velve.

Stamtavle says Selbu after Siur's death date, and says Ustistogge after Marit's name.

Children of Siur Draxten and Marit Vigen are:

i. Bersvend Draxten, born 1746 in Selbu, Norway; died in Selbu, Norway.

ii. Siri Draxten, born 1747 in Selbu, Norway.

iii. Bersvend Draxten, born 1749 in Selbu, Norway; died in Selbu, Norway.

iv. Ingeborg Siursdatter Draxten, born 1751 in Selbu, Norway; married Jacob Hansen 1779.

10 v. Bersvend Siursen Draxten.

22. Torkild Nilsen Klegseth, born 1710 in Norway; died 1780 in Norway. He was the son of 44. Nils Persen Krokstad and 45. Lisbet Torkjelsdatter Kleset. He married 23. Siri Michelsdatter Rena.

23. Siri Michelsdatter Rena, born 1714 in Norway; died October 15, 1768 in Norway. She was the daughter of 46. Mikkel Jonsen Rena and 47. Berit Pedersdatter Setsas.

Stamtavle says Fromigarden after Siri's name.

Children of Torkild Klegseth and Siri Rena are:

i. Marit Torkilsdatter Klegseth, born 1744 in Selbu, Norway.

11 ii. Lisbeth Torkilsdatter Klegseth.

24. Peder Evenssen Uglem, born 1725; died 1812. He was the son of 48. Even Eriksen Garberg and 49. Gjertrud Iversdatter Slubbe. He married 25. Brynhild Eriksdatter Langli.

25. Brynhild Eriksdatter Langli, born 1726; died 1800. She was the daughter of 50. Erik Olsen Langli and 51. Beret Pedersdatter Sletni.

The 1801 census says Peder Uglem was 75 and a widower after his 2nd marriage. No occupation listed.

Stamtavle says Peder Garberg, Avelsgarden, and says Nygarden after Brynhild's name.

Children of Peder Uglem and Brynhild Langli are:

12 i. Even Pederssen Uglem.

ii. Jon Pederssen Uglem, born 1769.

1801 Census: lists Jon living at brother Even's house. He is single, and is a Corporal in the ski corp.

26. Poul Pederssen Garberg, born 1733; died 1800. He was the son of 52. Peder Poulsen Garberg and 53. Mali Hoversdatter Kjelstad. He married 27. Gjertrud Nilsdatter Aune.

27. Gjertrud Nilsdatter Aune, born 1727; died 1769. She was the daughter of 54. Nils Eriksen Aune and 55. Kari Ellevsdatter Aune.

1801 Census lists Poul Pederssen Garberg, along with 3 other Pederssens about his age: Haldo b 1740 m Ane Larsdatter b 1740 and 3 girls; Ane b 1729 (apparently dying); and Ingebrigt(M) b 1739 m Ingebor(F) b 1741 w/no children listed. Haldo was a farmer and farm occupant. Ingebrigt farmed jointly with Poul.  The census further says that Poul was a farmer and farm occupant. There are also Peder Poulssen b 1771, and Niels Poulssen b 1771. Both married and living at the Garberg farm.  Poul was married to Marit Guttormsdatter, b 1737. There is also an Ingebor Guttormsdatter b 1741, m Ingebrigt Pedersen Garberg. Apparently Marit and Ingebor were sisters, who married brothers Poul and Ingebrigt.  But the Stamtavle has different spouse listed.

Stamtavle says Utstoggo after Poul's name, and Pigarden after Gjertrud's name.

Children of Poul Garberg and Gjertrud Aune are:

13 i. Karen Paulsdatter Garberg.

ii. Guttorm Poulssen Garberg, born 1773.

1801 census says Guttorm was single with no occupation listed.

Generation No. 6

32. Sivert Jonsen Nesvik, born 1664 in Selbu. He married 33. Brynhild Jonsdatter Kyllo.

33. Brynhild Jonsdatter Kyllo, born Abt. 1665.

Jacobsen's Stamtavle says Ustigarden after Sivert's name.

Child of Sivert Nesvik and Brynhild Kyllo is:

16 i. Jon Sivertsen Slind.

34. Ola Nilsen Moslet, born 1660; died 1723. He married 35. Mali Moslet.

35. Mali Moslet, born Abt. 1660 in Selbu.

Jacobsen's Stamtavle says Stokke after Ola's name. Stokke is on the coast southwest of Oslo.

Child of Ola Moslet and Mali Moslet is:

17 i. Ingeborg Olsdatter.

36. Bersven Tomassen Aftret, born 1701; died 1745. He married 37. Mali Bersvensdatter Slind.

37. Mali Bersvensdatter Slind, born 1703; died 1783.

Jacobsen's Stamtavle says Nordigarden after Bersven's name, and Nordigarden after Marit's name.

Child of Bersven Aftret and Mali Slind is:

18 i. Jon Bersvendsen Aftret.

38. Ole Olsen Kjosnes, born 1702; died 1774. He married 39. Anare Pedersdatter Hegseth.

39. Anare Pedersdatter Hegseth, born 1706; died 1779.

Jacobsen's Stamtavle says Oppigard after Ole's name and Flora below.  The given name is not clear; could be Anore, Anase, or even Anne.

Child of Ole Kjosnes and Anare Hegseth is:

19 i. Ingeborg Olsdatter Kjosnes.

40. Bersvend Olsen Kjosnes, born 1682 in Selbu, Trondheim, Norway; died 1751 in Norway. He was the son of 80. Ole Bersvendsen Kjosnes and 81. Ingeborg Siursdatter Berge. He married 41. Ingeborg Siursdatter 1714 in Selbu, Norway.

41. Ingeborg Siursdatter, born 1683 in Selbu, Trondheim, Norway; died 1717 in Selbu, Trondheim, Norway.

Bersvend's Occupation: Sagmaster "sag" = saw

Children of Bersvend Kjosnes and Ingeborg Siursdatter are:

i. Ingeborg Bersvendsdattar Kjosnes, born 1714 in Selbu, Trondheim, Norway; died 1746; married Jon Olsen Engan 1745.

20 ii. Siur Bersvendsen Draxten.

Child of Bersvend Kjosnes and Siri Nelsdatter is:

i. Oluf Bersvendsen Draxten, born 1724 in Selbu, Trondheim, Norway; died April 15, 1802 in Selbu, Trondheim, Norway; married Angis Pedersdatter Oxstad 1750.

Oluf's occupation: Farmer

42. Anders Vigen, born 1675; died 1719. He married 43. Helga Michelsdatter Velve.

43. Helga Michelsdatter Velve, born 1676; died 1727.

Stamtavle says Fromigarden after his name, Anders Persen Nervik, or Anders Perssen Nervik.  One entry on the Stamtavle says Nordigarden above Helga's name, while another entry for her is blank.

Child of Anders Vigen and Helga Velve is:

21 i. Marit Andersdatter Vigen.

44. Nils Persen Krokstad, born 1667; died 1736. He married 45. Lisbet Torkjelsdatter Kleset.

45. Lisbet Torkjelsdatter Kleset, born 1678; died 1763.

Child of Nils Krokstad and Lisbet Kleset is:

22 i. Torkild Nilsen Klegseth.

46. Mikkel Jonsen Rena, born 1665; died 1719. He married 47. Berit Pedersdatter Setsas.

47. Berit Pedersdatter Setsas, born Abt. 1675.

Stamtavle says Fromigarden after Mikkel's name.

I estimated her Birthday by combination of husband b1665 and son Siri b1714.

Child of Mikkel Rena and Berit Setsas is:

23 i. Siri Michelsdatter Rena.

48. Even Eriksen Garberg, born 1673; died 1751. He married 49. Gjertrud Iversdatter Slubbe.

49. Gjertrud Iversdatter Slubbe, born 1675; died 1728.

Child of Even Garberg and Gjertrud Slubbe is:

24 i. Peder Evenssen Uglem.

50. Erik Olsen Langli, born 1698; died 1747. He married 51. Beret Pedersdatter Sletni.

51. Beret Pedersdatter Sletni, born 1702.

Child of Erik Langli and Beret Sletni is:

25 i. Brynhild Eriksdatter Langli.

52. Peder Poulsen Garberg, born 1692; died 1747. He married 53. Mali Hoversdatter Kjelstad.

53. Mali Hoversdatter Kjelstad, born Abt. 1695; died 1761.

Stamtavle says Utstogge and Selbu after Peder's name.

Child of Peder Garberg and Mali Kjelstad is:

26 i. Poul Pederssen Garberg.

54. Nils Eriksen Aune, born 1688; died 1732. He married 55. Kari Ellevsdatter Aune.

55. Kari Ellevsdatter Aune, born 1697; died 1771.

Stamtavle says Pigarden after Nils' name.

Child of Nils Aune and Kari Aune is:

27 i. Gjertrud Nilsdatter Aune.

Generation No. 7

80. Ole Bersvendsen Kjosnes, born Abt. 1650 in Selbu, Trondheim, Norway. He married 81. Ingeborg Siursdatter Berge.

81. Ingeborg Siursdatter Berge, born Abt. 1660 in Norway.

Children of Ole Kjosnes and Ingeborg Berge are:

40 i. Bersvend Olsen Kjosnes.

ii. Marit Olsdatter Kjosnes, born 1688; married Nils Pedersen Vigen.

iii. Bersvend Kjosnes, born 1697; married Karen Sivertsdatter.

iv. Tomes Olsen Kjosnes, born 1699.

v. Siri Olsdatter Kjosnes, born 1702.