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Norway and Woken-Aftret

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Ancestors of Paul Woken

Ancestors of Kari Aftret

Descendants of Paul Woken and Kari Aftret

History of Norway

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Paul Woken was born in Selbu, Norway in 1857.  He sometimes went by the name Paul Eidem, which was the surname his father used.  In Norway in those days your surname was usually the name of the farm or place where you lived.  Sometimes Paul's father used the surname Vokken. 

Paul immigrated to America with his parents aboard the Neptunus, under Captain Hermann Ludvigsen, which departed Trondheim, Norway May 5, 1866, and arrived in Quebec on June 9.  The family settled in Atwater, Minnesota, where other relatives had already settled. 

Kari Aftret was also born in 1859, also in Selbu, Norway.  She may have gone by Kari Krokstad, as her family was connected to both the Aftret and Krokstad farms in Norway.  She immigrated to Decorah, Iowa in 1879.  Her parents stayed in Norway.

Paul married Kari in Atwater in 1881.

In 1883 or 1884 Paul and Kari took a homestead claim near Arvilla, in Grand Forks County, Dakota Territory.

wokens.jpg (26918 bytes)

Paul and Kari Woken, possibly a wedding photo.


kariwoken80.JPG (193945 bytes)

Kari Woken about 1940.


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